Mirrors made to measure

A mirror can open up a room and give a sense of space and light.  Wider mouldings are generally used for mirrors so you can try out bolder designs to compliment your style and decor.



Our mirrors are custom made out of our range of mouldings - in this way you can choose the size to the nearest millimetre.  Perhaps you have a fireplace that requires a particular height and width or a area that needs to be filled to your specification.

Plain or bevelled?

You can choose either plain or bevelled glass for your custom mirror.  All our mirrors are 4mm thick and come safety-backed as standard.  If it were to be broken the shards of glass would be held by an adhesive safety film applied to the back.  Choose plain mirror glass to maximise the viewing area for dressing or in a bathroom and bevelled to add a touch of elegance to a room


All our frames come with the requisite hardware to be used, our mirrors are no exception.  To deal with the extra weight we use direct hanging hardware fixed to the back of the frame and supply the correct hooks for your wall.  You will only need to supply the screws and wall plugs that you would normally use with your walls.