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What we do.

Framing Gallery is a custom picture framing service based at our workshop and showroom in Cryers Hill, High Wycombe. 

  We offer free advice without obligation, helping you to choose and design your picture framing to suit your requirements. If you are thinking of having something framed feel free to come to the shop and speak to us.  Once you have chosen we will give you a printed quote of all the details to take away to consider or leave with us to frame.

Free quotes and friendly service.

We frame everything!

Well, almost.  We offer a full custom framing service with an emphasis on a quality product designed in conjunction by us and you.  Whether it is modern float mounting or classic old style elegance we have the range and the experience to find the right framing scheme for you.


Choosing framing

With over a 100 colours of mountboard and 600 frame moulding samples in store we are never without ideas that could be right for your item. We are fully versed in stretching textiles, dry mounting to flatten creased work and box framing 3D items.  Then it is simply a matter of personal taste and style.


Finished product

We make all frames at our in-house workshop in Cryers Hill.  Your framing job will be correctly finished off and checked before collection. It will be solidly constructed and supplied with the correct hanging hardware fitted on the back.  Every framed item comes complete with the correct fittings and hooks ready for hanging.


Designing a framing scheme starts with you.  There is no one true way.  Every piece is unique and designed with your taste in mind.



A thoughtfully chosen framing design will enhance any work.  It will be more than the sum of its parts.


We offer higher levels of protection.  Framed with UV glass your item will stand the test of time and last decades.


All types of picture framing


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